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Stop Making These Online Poker Mistakes

12 Janvier 2017

If you keep making the same mistakes at the online poker table, you are going to keep getting the same results over and over again. When you are making more deposits than you are withdrawals, then others have spotted your patterns and they are simply picking you apart without you even realizing it.

Stop making the following mistakes at the online poker tables today:

1. Stop flashing your hole cards when you pull off that monster bluff. Not only did you just give the table free information about how to catch you bluffing next time, but there is a good chance you made an enemy at the table who has made it their goal to follow you from table to table and seek revenge.

2. When you are playing poker at home online, you tend to relax to the point that you are making the same type plays again and again. You fold the blind to any raise, you check the board when an ace appears, and you slow play the nuts and try to catch other players. They have already discovered your patterns and you don't realize it. Mix things up or you will never change the outcome.

3. There are too many distractions in your life right now that are not allowing you to focus on the game. Turn off your phone, log of Facebook, and turn off the TV or go in a room that allows you to focus on your game.

4. Stop playing with scared money and only play when you can afford to lose. That will give you the boost you need to take risks and bluff more often when the pots are big enough too.

Now you know what you are doing wrong, make a conscious effort to play differently and watch what happens. Learn more about judi online come visit Bola180.com.

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