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The Key to Scaring Players off Your Pot in Online Poker

12 Décembre 2016

The Key to Scaring Players off Your Pot in Online Poker

The Key to Scaring Players off Your Pot in Online Poker

Online poker is all about being able to successfully tell the other players a story about your hand that gets them to fold even though they have the best of it. The best players know that they do not care what cards they are holding to bluff, it is all about the board and the other players that makes this work. If you are looking to grow your chip stack, here are a few tips that will help tell your story playing poker online.


Start With the Flop

If you want to take the pot early, then you have to bet before the flop is revealed. Regardless what the cards you have, you raise the blind in the hopes of laying the foundation for your bluff. Now one of two things are going to happen here. One, the players holding junk will simply fold and you win a small pot. Two, they call but are apprehensive you may be holding the nuts. Once the flop hits you make a continuation bet and most of the time you will take the pot without any struggle.


Using the Board to Help Tell the Story

One of the easiest ways to take a pot on the flop is to use an ace to help convince other players you have a real hand. If you were quietly in the hand, then bet big when the ace came, only those holding a weaker ace may still want to try and stay in the hand. The size of the bet should scare off most players, especially if you do not abuse this tactic and try it too often. Most of the time, the more you bet and the longer you push the action, the other players will eventually give up the hand. For more details click on judi online.

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