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Avoid Being labeled the Fish at Online Poker

12 Mars 2017

If you have been labeled a fish at the online poker tables, then you are going to be the target of endless attacks until you change your game play. The trouble is that the fish are picked on by everyone because they are easy prey, and certain moves you make each day are telling the story of how weak a player you may be.

Here are a few ways to change your play and confuse others who might have thought you were weak.

Take the time to look closely to the way you play each hand. Look to see if you do the same thing when a raise is made before the flop, when an ace hits the board, or when a draw makes it on the river. If you are doing the same thing each time, then you are telling the table exactly what to expect and they are literally picking you apart without saying anything to you. This will go on until they take all your chips.

If the poker room has a chat feature, are you using it? You will notice that the players who are winning the most pots have zero time to be chatting or making friends. They are listening to you and the others complain about bad beats, poor opening hands, and being bluffed off pots, and they are giving you more of what you have been whining about. Stop chatting and focus on your game play and spotting other tells.

When you flash your hole cards to the rest of the table, you might as well tell them how weak you are and to come grab your chips.

If you practice these techniques, you should be able to break free of the fish label and finally start focusing on growing your bankroll.

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