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Top 5 Mistakes You Make At The Online Poker Tables

7 Avril 2017

Top 5 Mistakes You Make At The Online Poker Tables

     Even if you think you are a good online poker player, your bankroll tells the real story. Unless you are withdrawing your winnings week after week and have not had to make a deposit all year, you are most likely making one of these online poker mistakes. It might come as a surprise to you after reading the list because most players don't even realize these are draining their bankrolls.

Here are the top 5 mistakes that you are making at the online poker tables every day.

1. Playing at table limits that are too rich for your blood are sucking your bankroll dry. When you only have to suffer one bad beat to go broke, you need to move down to a much lower limit table despite how good you play.

2. Stop using the online chat feature to try and make friends or complain about your terrible hands. Stop giving away free information to the rest of the table.

3. On the subject of giving away free information to the table, stop flashing your hole cards. No one cares what you folded when you got bluffed and they really don't care if you were able to bluff the table.

4. Take a much closer look at the way that you play your hands and see if you are getting too comfortable and betting in patterns. Others will definitely be able to pick you off.

5. If you are not bluffing more, waiting for premium hands is never going to help you to grow your bankroll. Start stealing blinds and work your way up to the big pots.

     So now that you see how you are losing money at the online poker tables, tighten up your game and things will begin to turn around in a big way for you.

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